Our members

Stiftelsen Ekskäret

With the aim to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society, the Ekskäret Foundation creates arenas and supports various initiatives with the goal of stimulating consciousness development and lifelong learning at both an individual, organisational as well as a societal level. The Foundation brings together individuals, organisations and companies in different types of dialogues that focus on exploring and learning, often with cross-border perspectives. We work together with selected knowledge partners from academia and the private and non-profit sector. The Foundation is a non-profit organisation and has no religious or ideological affiliations.


SelfLeaders applies behavioral research to develop organisational cultures where all are able to see themselves as leaders. The focus is on leadership, teamwork and structures to increase motivation and accountability. SelfLeaders Academy also offers courses for students at Chalmers, among others, The Stockholm School of Economics, KTH and Uppsala University.


Protus Camps organizes summer camps where young people can explore the big questions in life without ready-made answers and universal truths. That is, with a curious exploratory approach, which is the core of the Protus methodology. The camps consist of beautiful days in an environment close to nature. Serious and fun. The exploration activities are made in the form of games, group exercises and discussions combined with outdoor activities like swimming, canoeing, water activities and boat excursions.

Dedicated Institute / Future Now

Dedicated Institute is an innovative institution whose mission is to enhance the capacity for climate-positive technologies and business models in the society. The aim is to contribute to a new economic paradigm that reinforces the human relationships -  to each other and to the planet.


We carry out transformations. Of people, companies, organisations and communities. By instilling hope for the future and the courage to develop together with those who want to promote progressive evolutionary work, we are fulfilling our purpose. All our efforts are based on a proven methodology, The Digital Maturity Matrix, as described in our acclaimed book "To lead digital transformation." Driven by an emerging digitialised universe, our method gives options for anyone looking to improve their future competitiveness by methodically tackle the future. We bring decades of experience of visionary, strategic and practical change work to all entities that we energeticly engage in and we work only with people who strive to make real change. This is true for us, our partners and customers. So if your ambition to achieve great things, and you've decided to take the helm of your ship, then we can be your guide through turbulent waters.


We collaborate with people and organisations in moving towards a more conscious and thriving society. Our world is fantastic and at the same time full of social, environmental and financial challenges. We want to accelerate the transition needed in organisations and in society at large. We do that by driving and supporting:

  • collaboration in every possible way,

  • individuals to make more conscious choices,

  • teams to co-create and manage complexity,

  • organisations to reinvent themselves and how they contribute



Learnways is a digital educator agency that creates web based solutions for learning. We work primarily on projects related to health and sustainability.
The output ranges from interactive courses to digital learning processes and includes other tools to support learning. Learnways has done this since 1997.
Our think tank, Sparks & Benders, explores new learning concepts and formats through co-creation and research based activities.
www.learnways.com och www.sparksandbenders.com

Helena Kallner

Helena has a background in public health science and ethnology, and is a trained psychotherapist in England. She works as a gestalt psychotherapist and teaches both in Sweden and abroad, including the Center for Somatic Studies in  (www.somaticstudies.com). Helena specializes in how we relate and communicate through body and movement, and engage in activities that practically runs the link between personal and community development - for example Relational Change.

ScaleUp Partners

ScaleUp Partners helps purpose driven fast-growing companies in their journey of scaling up with a mix of world class growth programmes, lectures and workshops. 
ScaleUp Partners is the Scandinavian partner of Gazelles International, the leading organization for development of ScaleUp companies globally,

PAX* Ledarskap

PAX* Ledarskap is working to improve the usage of our human consciousness to understand and develop the individuals, organizations and social systems. Anna Thurdin Hedblad and Erik Hedblad runs PAX * from a belief in the power of the invisible - the power that is within ourselves, in our relationships and within organizations and that influences without ever being talked about. Our tools are organization constellations, deeper presence and a dialogue involving both thought, feeling and body. We meet tomorrow's leaders through our courses, "The Inner Path to Leadership" and "The Inner Path to Working Life" being held at the Stockholm School of Economics. www.paxledarskap.se

Hazlebay AB 

Hazlebay is run by Jonas Nyman, an experienced Global Private Equity investor, Board Professional and Executive Coach with strong business acumen and strategic background. His expertise comes from working more than 28 years in the financial sector whereof 17 years in Private Equity. Hazlebay supports organizations to achieve sustainable growth. To achieve growth, you need motivated people and motivated people need to understand why; e.g. have a clear purpose. In addition, Hazlebay advices Family Offices in Global Private Equity investments.

Lighthouse Stockholm

Lighthouse Stockholm offers services grounded in theory and research in order to develop human workplaces; to create the fit between how we humans are designed and the situations and contexts in which we operate. The company is run by Gabriella Grusell who is a licensed psychologist with a background in occupational health and risk management. 

Speaker Academy

Speaker Academy guides public speakers in conveying knowledge on stage in the right way. Our mission is to create value-creating knowledge for people's ability to act, which in turn creates a more prosperous life for individuals, organizations, society and the world. Together, we set-up up a potential plan where the client decides what desired income rate they want based on what their goals are. Speaker Academy is run by Johnny, Ulrika and Lovisa and Patrick.



We want to contribute to a larger understanding and awareness for leaders and groups. Our vision is to achieve effective workplaces and good work environments. We believe that an enhanced self-efficacy is the most important factor for favorable leadership. We offer educational trainings in leadership which are quality-assured by Försvarshögskolan. Both UGL and UL are scientific-based programs, which have become a well-known concept used  in business. We even develop groups to become more effective teams by using this same scientific base. We like to work in a team together with other companies who share similar goals and vales. 


QualiFare AB

QualiFare is a small service company which licenses innovation ideas mainly focusing on the elimination of unnecessary food waste in the global market. Our clients work in the public food sector in the areas of health, education and social care. Together with our two collaborative partners we now cover over half of Sweden’s municipalities. We also cover 9 of the 17 Global Sustainability Goals with our tools for Meal Optimization™



Mindfulnets: Your Supportive Community for Mindfulness Practice! Mindfulnets is the first of its kind, dedicated and interactive community to support mindfulness teachers and students. A mindfulness teacher? Register to offer your mindfulness courses online. Easily create your own private meditation groups, give support and track your students’ progress. Willing to practice mindfulness, reduce stress and feel better? Engage in a motivating daily training: join meditation groups, take courses, set your exercises, find peers’ support, teacher’s advice and more.



To reach all target groups in Sweden today, there is a need for new ways of communication. With a country that is enriched with more than 1.6 million foreign-born inhabitants, a communications team that corresponds to this target group is needed. Colida has roots in Sweden and 14 other countries and is the obvious partner when you want to create a strong presence in a multicultural market. We do not only reach out to the target audience, we are the target audience. The idea is that our understanding of people and communities creates value for your business/project/service/ product. The strategy aims to lay the foundation for effective ideas that make a difference - to inspire the creative process to result in even better solutions.

Kirkegaard's Growth Services

Are you looking for support to grow your business, organization and/or leadership? Based off 20+ years of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience, I’m bringing a broad range of skills and perspectives to the table through a variety of services further described on my website

Thomas creates purposeful and sustainable progress through transformation driven by personal growth, leadership development and new organizational principles.His intention is to participate in co-creation of new frameworks, communities, arenas and activities stimulating development of more meaningful, flourishing and sustainable lives, organisations and societies. If you have similar intentions I would love to connect!

Soon Hammarström AB

Soon arbetar med affärsutveckling med ledorden hållbart och digitalt, i allt från ledarskap, digital transformation, projekt och utbildning. Hennes företag fokuserar på problemlösning i gränslandet till de traditionella "organisations- och kunskapsboxarna" - flexibel problemlösning. Nya team, nya sammansättningar av kunskaper, digitala lösningar och affärsmodeller som tillsammans kan "lysa" mer effektfullt än var och en för sig. Hon vill träffas gärna för att höra mer om dina utmaningar i framtiden och hur vi kan skapa en hållbar livsmiljö. Soon har tidigare arbetat som stadsplanerare, Vd på Landskapslaget, Stadsbyggnadschef respektive Digital utvecklingsledare på Tengbom arkitekter


Vår vision är att ledare bättre ska kunna hjälpa andra till självhjälp. Coach2coach vill bidra genom att erbjuda de absolut bästa utbildarna inom fältet för det coachande ledarskapet. Vi vill också fånga och sprida effektiva metoder och modeller inom området, som t ex NÖHRA modellen. Verksamheten startade 1996 och är idag ett av Skandinaviens ledande utbildningsföretag inom coachande ledarskap och NLP.  


Impact Invest Scandinavia

Impact Invest jobbar för att öka finansieringen av bolag och projekt som har stor potential för positiva sociala eller miljömässiga effekter. Vi driver ett investerarnätverk och har flera program för utlandsfödda entreprenörer och sociala innovatörer.