We welcome you to join a crowd of remarkable people to co-create the Grand Opening of Ekskäret Klustret, April 4-5 to celebrate our relocation to a magical former cinema at Birger Jarlsgatan 58 in Stockholm.

We are hosting a full-fledged Conference exploring many aspects of inner and outer transformation on the individual, organisational and societal levels.

Join us for a rich blend of plenary sessions, workshops, reflective dialogues and experiences that will engage your mind, body and soul.

The second part of the event, Grand Opening Conference, is a special day filled with mind shifting workshops, reflective dialogues, keynote addresses, and expanding conversations.

The intention of the day is to manifest the purpose of Ekskäret Klustret; to be an enticing space for inner and outer transformation serving a conscious and sustainable society.

This space is already populated by members with big hearts, sharp minds and relentless fire in the belly. We hope you find in us like-minded hearts and minds. Come step into an expanded circle of friends and partners who fly in the same direction.

Some of the themes covered during the day: Inner and outer transformation, Co-created transformational experiences; Planet positive business development; Time to think; How to understand, influence and lead human systems?; Inner clarity; The future of entrepreneurship; Vocation and vulnerability; Systemic leadership; Leadership in our times; Co-creating transformation; Boosting capability to change; Leading change – authentically; What if we are solving the wrong problems?

Some of the contributors will be Tomas Björkman, Caroline Stiernstedt Fredrik Wikholm, Erik Fernholm, Thomas Kirkegaard, Gustav Josefsson Tadaa, Anna Thurdin Hedblad, Staffan Åkerblom, Jonathan Reams, Camilla Byrinder Lundin, Andreas Lundgren, Marie Andervin, Anders Nilsson, Marianne Strindin, Heidi Andersen, Eugenio Molini, Ola Wallström, Gunnar Wallin, Anders Varger, Fredrik Birath. For a further information see below.

Some workshops and talks will be in Swedish and others in English.

Read more and buy tickets at https://grand-opening-klustret.confetti.events!