Ekskäret Klustret opened in March 2016 with the goal of being a creative place in Stockholm city that encourages exploratory meetings and at the same time provides an environment to "rest in".

As a member, you become part of a context with the most forward-thinking companies and organizations within method and theory to handle the complexity and transformation we have in today's organizations and society.

We are all committed to our principles that guide us how we behave and communicate at Klustret.

  1. Responsible participation
    Take responsibility for yourself and your contribution to our community.

  2. Presence and authenticity
    We dare to show up with all we are in the moment.

  3. Share and co-create
    We help each other grow through collaboration and generosity. We strive for open source and transparency.

  4. Act and learn
    Good enough for now, safe enough to try and learn. We are open to feedback and reflect continuously about our experiences and personal growth.

  5. We are all hosts
    We make everyone feel welcome and included - guests and members.

  6. Leave a better trace
    We leave the place (earth) as we found it, or better.


Membership includes:

  • Free or low cost use of our meeting rooms as well as our kitchen and meditation room, which can be booked for workshops, breakfast seminars etc.

  • Free access printer.

  • Tea, coffee and fruit.

  • Participation in all activities that are open to our members


  • Full time 4900kr - unlimited use of the Kluster's premises

  • Part-time SEK 3000 - use of the Kluster's premises corresponding to about 2 days/week

  • Lounge SEK 1000 - Access equivalent to 8h/week during daytime. Book a room at a membership price of 30% of the regular price. Access to member activities and membership offers.

Prices are per person and month, excluding VAT. For more information please contact us at info@ekskaret-klustret.se!