Summer campaign for new members

New members who sign on before Midsummer receive two free months. The offer applies to all three memberships. Full time (4900 SEK), Part time (3000 SEK) and Lounge (1000 SEK). For more information please contact us at!

About Ekskäret Klustret

In March 2016, Ekskäret Klustret opened and has since then become a natural meeting place for curious entrepreneurs, consultants, community stakeholders, scientists and other change-makers who, through their dedication and their operations both have the will and the power to contribute to a more conscious society. 

We have grown from a handful of companies to over twenty, and offer weekly events that connect our members to one another, and to themselves. Now we are looking for a few more members to join our co-working space in the middle of Stockholm. Are you one of them?

What is a co-working space after all?

When we say co-working, what we really mean is collaborating and co-creating. To join our hub is to make a choice that you want to be around others who are committed to sustainable and positive, social change. 

Designing everyday "life skills" courses for what you didn't learn in school? Leading trainings that empower and educate young girls through the sport of football? Facilitating leadership trainings that guide large corporations to more conscious business decisions? Engaging youth in summer camps where they can question their beliefs and explore their personal passions? 

This is the kind of work that takes place here. 

The culture of Klustret

We believe that when we dare to be vulnerable and to grow ourselves then our merits add to a more sustainable world. Sustainable in all aspects: emotional, physical, environmental, even technological.

There’s a quote that goes, “It’s not where you are but who you are with”. Discussions about social change can happen in a desert, in a boardroom, or over lunch at your summer cabin. We talk the talk here so that we then can walk it outside the doors.